Dear $toname!
     We are offering you the new kind of  V#ai#aa#ag#ar#a, made in the form of chewing tablets with a pleasant fruity taste.
In comparison to the ordinary tablets, the preparation in the form of chewing film tablets is absorbed by the
body, thus bringing the desired effect in just 15 minutes. Moreover, this form of the preparation can be taken
along with fatty foods and alcohol.
The active ingredient in this preparation stimulates blood flow in the genital area and ensures the appearance
of normal erection brought on by a natural stimulation by your partner.  V#ai#aa#ag#ar#aa  S o f t should be taken 15 minutes
prior to the time of the planned intimate encounter.
Our store is giving you a special gift - 50% more tablets in each order. When you order 90 tablets at the
price of $210.46, you will receive a whopping 135. This will bring the single tablet price to the unique low
amount of $1.55.
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