Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is sending you heartfelt greetings for the upcoming Christmas. We highly value every buyer and try to do everything possible in order to give you access to the latest and safest medications at guaranteed low prices.
     We're glad to let you know that a true winner - Ci/\1is Super Active+ has just been added to our range of erectile dysfunction medications. This latest medication has practically none of the drawbacks of the old-generation medications. You can take it as late as 5-7 minutes before a sexual encounter, together with eating fatty foods or alcohol - they won't impact its effectiveness. What's more, the medication continues working over a period of 55 hours! In addition to eliminating the erection problem, the medication increases sperm production and also has a positive effect on overall vitality. Every man should have Ci/\1is Super Active+ in his medicine cabinet because nobody's insured against problems.
     In December, our pharmacy sells Ci/\1is Super Active+ for only $240 for 60 pills. Hurry and give yourself this wonderful present!
     Yours Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.