Dear $toname,
     For your convenience, we have enlarged the strengths range of the most popular products. For example, even though the standard dose of C1/\L1S is considered to be 20 mg, a large number of men achieve the desired effect by taking a single C1/\L1S 10 mg tablet.
     In such cases, we recommend the use of C1/\L1S 10mg, with a lower concentration of the active ingredient. In addition to everything else, these tables are considerably cheaper than the standard ones at only $208 for a 90-ct. packaging.
     At the same time, if you are not completely satisfied with the standard dose, C1/\L1S 40 mg might be an excellent solution. Try it.
     If you have trouble choosing the dosage that is right specifically for you, please, turn to our consultants for help.
     Yours sincerely, Canadian Health&Care Mall.