Dear $toname,
     This week Canadian Neighbor Health Store will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its operation.
     During this considerable period of time, we became the undisputed leader in the market of online sales of health&care products, received many awards from professional associations, acquired a great deal of experience in the selection of distributors. Our main achievement, though, the one we are proudest in, is our customers' trust.
     According to the statistics, 87% of our customers make a repeat purchase within two months after the first one. This is the highest praise for any online store. In turn, we do everything to justify your trust in us.
     All of our products are manufactured only by the biggest companies which have long-term experience in manufacturing and all relevant licenses. The extremely strict quality control makes it impossible for fakes or low quality products to appear in our assortment. Moreover, due to the high amount of sales, we are able to maintain guaranteed low prices.
     For example, in our store, V1/\gra 100 mg costs less than one dollar per item!
     We hope you will stay with us as well. As a gift, please accept an additional personal discount from our store. Use the code "FD49LK1" when placing any new order.